What Homeowners need to know about Plumbing!

Plumbing includes all the water supply and waste pipes present in a network around your house. These are installed in your home during the construction phase. They could either be underground or hidden inside the walls. Hiring professional help to get your plumbing problems sorted out is your best choice. There are, however, things with which you can do on your own as you may be looking for a house to buy or keeping up on the maintenance of your current residence. Remember, this is not limited to just Bend or Central Oregon but anywhere you might be looking or may be living.

You don’t need a professional tool kit at your disposal nor need a rocket science degree for solving small plumbing problems. For instance, temporarily closing valve to the water leak, changing faucets, replacing sink pipes, and fixing minor issues with your commode are some of the things which you can do.

Here, in brief detail, we will discuss some of the plumbing problems which you can solve yourself.

Shutting off water in case of a leak

When there is a leak in the pipe network of your house, it could lead to serious issues. For instance, water leaks might result in water accumulation inside your home which, if left undone, could:

  • Damage your carpet and many items present inside your home. Carpets and rugs are extremely expensive and cleaning can cost a small fortune.
  • Result in microorganism germination which could further lead to diseases. Standing water could trigger bacterial and fungal growth which cause multiple issues.
  • Seep in the ground and weaken the foundation of your home.

Therefore you should know how to shut off the water valves in case of a leak. If you don’t stop the water immediately and keep waiting for the plumber to arrive, it may cost you even more. Here in Central Oregon this may cause more issues as the temperature drops and causes the water to freeze.

Replacing Fixtures

Sinks, faucets, shower heads, and commodes require a bit of technical knowledge to get fixed. However, you don’t need a lot of professional experience to sort out the problems associated with them. Make sure to follow all instructions that come with the fixtures.

Turning water heaters on and off

You should know how to operate your water heater. You don’t need professional help to turn it on/off. All you need to do is read the instructions in the manual (start your search here) that came with your water heater. If your heater is leaking, you should be able to shut it down immediately to avoid damage and a lot of water waste.

Benefits of Plumbing Knowledge

Here are some of the benefits associated with knowing how plumbing works:

  • Save Money: You can save a good fortune which you would have paid to your plumbers. You can use this money to buy other things for your house, or for vacations.
  • Save Time: You don’t need to wait for hours for someone to arrive and help you out. You can help yourself and get things sorted out first.
  • Save from Damage: If you don’t act fast, then your property could face severe damage. However, with a basic knowledge of plumbing, you can reduce the levels of damage caused by water.

For your plumbing needs, contact our local, reliable plumbing company – Einstein Plumbing and Heating or e-mail me for your relocating needs.


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