Got the Rental Blues in Central Oregon?

Rental crisis. Housing shortage. Rent prices through the roof. These are all terms that we in Central Oregon are VERY familiar with. Did you know that oftentimes if it actually less expensive to buy than to rent? That was very true for my family. In fact, we bought a home on 1 acre that costs us less monthly than it would have been to rent.

What about my credit score? Doesn’t it need to be near perfect? No. Did you know that approx. half of home loans approved are given to people with scores under 750? I can also get you in touch with some terrific lenders that can help you create a custom plan to help you reach your home buying goal!!

Another thought to leave you with…it is common for rental prices to raise EVERY year. Have you thought about ending that cycle with a mortgage loan? If you get a loan with a fixed rate, it won’t increase for 15-30 YEARS (depending on the length of the loan you choose). Not to mention, you will GAIN wealth via home equity.

If this strikes a chord with you, please contact me at 541-373-0400 or There is no obligation to proceed beyond that. Is it worth a couple minutes of your time? I think so. Talk to you soon!

Michelle Mertins, Realtor/Real Estate Consultant with Exit Realty Bend