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Kid Date

Don’t forget to take your kids on dates, and your pups on walks. Life can fill up so quickly that you miss the important things.We are a snack from Circle K, sat on the Sunriver Library bench and then played catch at Three Rivers Elementary. Simple but so memorable!



Say what? Ever feel like you are lining someone else’s pocket?

It’s time to PURCHASE your Home! Take control away from your landlord! In 2016 Bend, Oregon was No. 1 in something that won’t surprise many – rent increases, up 54 percent over the past five years. You might be surprised to learn who’s No. 2 in all the land — not San Francisco, which is No. 4, but Bend’s neighbor to the northeast, Prineville, Oregon, with a 2011-2016 rent increase of 45.7 percent. #exitrealtybend